Saturday, 26 October 2013

Event Planning- Organizing Excellence

The novel concept of event planning involves a series of steps. A festival, marriage ceremony or a conference can be conveniently orchestrated through this. An event which one is trying to plan is always a manifestation of the image of the organization. The love for details holds the key to its success.

As a career

An event planner should be trained to handle the intricacies of the work efficiently and effectively. Deadlines should be met without compromising on the quality. A convention planner or a meeting manager should be aware of the many pronged nature of his work. It is a creative profession. No degree is enough to prepare anyone about the real challenges. The skill of doing the balancing act without losing ones equilibrium is essential.

Steps in planning an event

Organizing a product launch or a sales meeting demands the balancing act of a fine gymnast.  Nothing can prepare one for the next pitfall. No mock test is enough to meet the actual challenges. But in spite of these a proper framework of the forthcoming event should be kept in mind.  The theme and motif of each event is unique.
The first question that should be asked is about the nature of the event. A walk or a talent show will differ from each other in various ways. The monetary planning should be   then addressed to with careful planning. Sometimes they have to work on a stringent budget. Handling a lavish budget involving thousand and thousands of dollars can be an arduous task. A blue print of the possible expenses along with unexpected expenditures should be laid out carefully.

Event planning should be open to probable collaborations.  Careful planning will enable one to avoid clashing of dates with needful professionalism.

The location of the event should be selected with caution. An outdoor show will need a separate sheltered area. Temporary resting places should be fashioned to ease out discomfort. Audio visual appliances like speakers and microphones should be arranged for outdoor concerts.

Some events might require special permits. These formalities should never be ignored. Serving delectable delicacies is an essential part of every event. Provisions should be made to keep the food fresh and warm. The beverages should be well coordinated. The promotion of the event should be handled with care.

Selection of the guest speaker should be done in advance. Provisions of entertainment should be creative. All the arrangements should merge with the tone of the event. The planning for security should be comprehensive enough to meet any eventualities. 

Event management and environment

Sustainable event management is a new concept. The basic aim of events is to entertain. But our responsibility towards the environment should not be neither ignored nor compromised.  Event planning is a practical solution to host a unique occasion. 

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