Saturday, 26 October 2013

Event Planning - Imagination Got its Wings

Do you want yourself to be recognized as the most famous and successful Event Planner? Well...You are not far from your dream. These days’ ideas are paid the most. Most of you must have watched 'Band Baja Baarat’ that actually depicts the journey from being a layman and common person to a brand name.

Event planning is the process of organizing a festival, competition, party, concert, ceremony or convention. It basically includes managing budget, checking out the available dates, managing venue and suitable locations for other work. Most of the time, event planning is organized by keeping a theme in mind. The theme ideas can be: Casino, Hollywood, Musical Eras and lot more. Event management and planning includes organizing for suitable and efficient orators, managing all the decorations, food and lodging, special arrangements for guests, etc. There are plenty of options available for event planning, endless list of hotels, variety of food, limitless decoration items, etc. Therefore event planner has to keep all these constraints in mind with respect to the available budget.

Event planning is nowadays considered by many youngsters as their career field. There are colleges that provide Bachelor's Degree in Event Management as well. This line of work is considered very challenging and energetic. There is again a diversion in event planning ie Sustainable Event Planning. Sustainable event management is the process of organizing an event with particular concern for environmental and economic issues. There are few tip that for being a good and efficient Event Planner:

  •  Decision should be made by the person as to what kind of planner he/she wants to become (options available to be specialized in any field like wedding, sagan’s etc).
  •  Before investing money, awareness about the field and the kind of work.
  •  Get a hands-on-experience and try to access your abilities.
  • Apply for certification

There are certain qualities that are improved while managing events. One will be more easily adjusted in teams, management process improves, team building, handling pressure, time bound environment and a lot more.

For better planning and execution, there are plenty of checklists and online open source tools are available like EventEspresso, MeetingApps, EventAplha etc. There are very famous event planners that have written their name in fame book. Some of them are: GoldenAisle, MarryMe, Weddings and Dreams. Moreover there are special arrangements for social media, which adds up a plus pint in the events. There are proper list of celebrities that are being called to grace the occasions. This proves to be success not at the local level but is widely accepted at global level also.

The only mantra for being a good event planner is: ‘Be creative and spread the magic’.

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